God's Compass

04 Oct 2017 02:40 15
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God's Compass Clip Video - On the night of Suzanne Water’s retirement party, she will find her next calling. Suzanne’s pregnant daughter-in-law, Jessica, and baby’s lives will be saved in a split second decision made by a juvenile delinquent, Eli. Homeless and chased by law enforcement, Eli, finds a second chance when Suzanne risks her retirement to help him. The two form a bond over time that leads Suzanne to the realization that Eli and her husband’s, Isaac’s, paths crossed years before Isaac’s passing. A mystery is solved for Suzanne related to Isaac’s passing and she comes to the realization that there are no chance meetings, no intersections passed through without purpose. As Suzanne and Eli work through their connection, David, her son and Jessica’s husband, are reunited in love. David’s career direction is called into focus through supporting their newborn’s hope for another day. As the family realizes the peace that comes from accepting God’s path, they unite around their new born baby’s struggle for life and all come to the conclusion that family isn’t always defined by blood.

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