Mabinogi Heroes (KR) | Being a noob (Arisha Gameplay)

11 Aug 2014 06:28 0
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Mabinogi Heroes (KR) | Being a noob (Arisha Gameplay) Clip Video - Like up & share the video/subscribe for more gameplay & comment too.

New class, Arisha, released August 7th on Korean server. Still trying to figure out the fighting style of Arisha. The mana ball seems pretty straight forward. Can't wait to unlock more skills

Publisher: Nexon Korea
Developer: devCAT
Official web: (VPN required to login & play)
Business Model: F2P with cash shops
Phase: Launched

Tags: Character Creation, Vindictus (Video Game), Mabinogi (Video Game), Heroes, Everything, Arisha, new, class, mana, blade, korea, August, Gameplay, Video Game (Industry), noob, ball

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