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A GINORMOUS 350lbs bodybuilder has set his sights on becoming the biggest in the world. Describing himself as a ‘toothpick’ in high school, man-mountain Craig Golias has since dedicated his life to becoming ‘huge’ – now boasting 24” biceps. Craig, who resides in Las Vegas, works out five to six days a week and eats FIVE big meals a day, with a diet consisting of red meat, chicken and complex carbs. Due to his colossal size, Craig now struggles to tie his own shoelaces and finds himself having to squeeze into tight spaces like toilet cubicles. With more than 425,000 followers across his social pages, Craig has amassed quite the following online and he often gets stopped in the street with people asking for his picture: https://www.instagram.com/craiggolias

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Jessica Sherry
Producer: Danny Baggott, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Florence Kennard​

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