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Page 1 of about 124 results of download ethiopian instrumental/classical. Best collection instruments this is wonderful lovely ethiopian instrumental music! I was worried that this was going to be an hour long bass loop with some incidental melodic lines here and there. It is very cheerful instrumental music. I can't say nothing because it's more than a word and nothing is describe thus. These instrumental tunes takes my heart and my mind and control them.

Download Ethiopian Instrumental/Classical Mp3

Ashenafi Kebede - The Shepherd Flutist.mp3 Song
11.66 MB   08:31
The Shepherd with the flute (or The Shepherd Flutist ).mp3 Song
9.97 MB   07:17
Girma Yifrashewa - Ambassel.mp3 Song
13.26 MB   09:41
Girma Yifrashewa- Tenkaraw Menfese.mp3 Song
10.29 MB   07:31
Ethiopian Instrumental 2.mp3 Song
8.9 MB   06:30
Ethiopian Instrumental 4.mp3 Song
11.8 MB   08:37
Samuel Yirga - Guzo.mp3 Song
12.89 MB   09:25
Ethiopian Instrumental 5.mp3 Song
9.38 MB   06:51
Mulatu Astatqé - Yèkatit.mp3 Song
5.36 MB   03:55
Piano Solo.mp3 Song
9.77 MB   07:08
Ethiopian Instrumental 7.mp3 Song
9.45 MB   06:54
Ethiopia - Music of Xylophone (02c).mp3 Song
3.72 MB   02:43
Ashenafi Kebede - Ethiopian Sinfonietta.mp3 Song
14.72 MB   10:45
Ethiopian instrumental song.mp3 Song
6.57 MB   04:48
ethiopian instrumental music 1.mp3 Song
8.92 MB   06:31
Mulatu Astatqé - Gubèlyé.mp3 Song
6.34 MB   04:38
Elias Negash Fikir Elias Birtukane حبيب الروح.mp3 Song
7.53 MB   05:30
Musicawe Silt Moges Habte and Ethio Jazz Group.mp3 Song
8.79 MB   06:25
Ethiopia instrumental song by Dawit Frew Hailu Ambasel tizta.mp3 Song
6.18 MB   04:31
Flute solo, Harrar People, Ethiopia. African Music..mp3 Song
5.04 MB   03:41
Ethiopian Instrumental.mp3 Song
10.7 MB   07:49
Ethiopian Instrumental 1.mp3 Song
8.22 MB   06:00
Ethiopian Music: Dirashe: Phila Flute Demonstration.mp3 Song
4.06 MB   02:58