Top 100 Anime Couples (Part 2) - 26-50

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Top 100 Anime Couples (Part 2) - 26-50 Clip Video - Read! description added.

Disclaimer: I don't own the songs nor the animes shown. No copyright intended for them. I'll also rate each anime with a grade from 1 to 10 so it will be easier for you to chose. If you disagree just tell me and I will change it.

26) Nanami - Yano (Boku ga ita) - It's a nice love story, it has a bit of everything - pain, happiness... -9-

27) Rayne - Angelique (Neo Angelique) - I really love this anime... there are more than one possible couples, but nothing concrete. I definitely recommend it -10-

28) Sawako - Shota (Kimi ni Todoke) - I love this couple... their both so honest... so pure:)) -9.5-

29) Firiel Dee - Roux (Good Whitch of the West) - there are two possible couples in this anime. At first I didn't know what to think about Roux, but I grew t like him along the way. Also Firiel is one of the best. Watch it! -10-

30) Firiel Dee - Eusis (Good Witch of the West) - the second pairing -10-

31) Hibino - Kyouta (Kyou koi wo hajimemasu) - their great together, but unfortunately this anime has only two OVA's. You should read the manga if you want to know more -8,5 (because it's only Ova)-

32) Risa - Otami (Lovely Complex) - their a perfect fit, exept for their heights. This anime is funny, you should watch it. -9-

33) Luchia - Kaito (Mermaid Melody) - the boy is a little hard-headed, but they are a really nice couple. -9-

34) Momo - Kairi (Peach Girl) - one of the first animes I've seen. Kairi is really something. You should watch -9-

35) Mikan - Natsume (Gauken Alice) - i love them together. Don't ask me why, I don't know :P -9-

36) Kajika - Li-Ren (Hanasakeru Seishonen) - one of my personal favorite animes. Please do me a favor and watch it:)) More possible pairings, can't help but love at least one of them. I loved three pairings. As for Li-Ren, I like whom he becomes when Kajika is involved. Oh, and also I love his face when he's surprised (usually by Kajika and once ore twice by Rumati) -10-

37) Kajika - Rumati (Hanasakeru Seishonen) - I liked Rumati the most. I'd want someone like him for myself also;;) and i also loved this couple :X:X:X too bad he is.... (spoiler) Watch to find out;) -10-

38) Kajika - Eugene (Hanasakeru Seishonen) - also a great pairing:D Once he introduces himself as "Kajika's fiance" and then as "Kajika's pet", saying she's his master:)) I told you, you should watch this anime :)) -10-

39) Akari - Yuuma (Jewelpet Tinkle) - this anime is really cute, it's a little slow paced when it comes to romance, but you should watch it.:D -9-

40) Hiyori - Yuushin (Hiyokoi) - Unfortunately just Ova, but it's cute:D -8,5-

41) Amu - Tadase (Shugo Chara) - Second pairing for Amu. I still like Ikuto a lot more, but Tadase also has his own charm. -10-

42) Utau - Kukai (Shugo Chara) - their perfect for each other and I love both. -10-

43) Haruka - Tokiya (Uta no Prince-sama) - ongoing, but simply brilliant. You have to wait a week for a new ep to come put, but it's definitely worth the wait. Right now there are 11 episodes -10-

44) Megumi - Yahiro (Special A) - their really cute :X:X:X -10-

45) Akira - Tadashi (Special A) - the funniest couple from special A. Their just great -10-

46) Ren - Ayumi (Kaze no Stigma) - their love story is short, but it leaves a deep impression. -10-

47) Sakura - Syaoran (Tsubasa Chronicle) - I don't remember much about this anime, because it's been a long time since I've seen it, but i remember I really liked it. -9- (if anyone wants to add a description, say so)

48) Sunako - Kyouhei (The Wallflower) - this anime is really funny and it's worth watching. More a comedy than romance, but still great. -9-

49) Maya - Masumi (Glass Mask) - this anime is brilliant. I've only seen it recently, but I'm glad I found it. Piece of advice: don't give up after only seeing an episode (the first ep is a little slow-paced) because it's worth watching. -10-

50) Saya -Train (Black Cat) - this is a really, really short lived romance, but the anime is amazing. It's different from most of the animes I've watched, but it's great. -10-

At first I chose two other songs (happier ones) but I had to change them due to copyright. Please comment.

Top 100 Couples (Part 3) - 51 -75 link: please leave comments here for it. I'll remake it so that I can post it on youtube, but it might take some time. Please Watch!!!

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