2.7 engine machining - Porsche 911 Classic Car Build Part 53

14 May 2017 22:53 78
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2.7 engine machining - Porsche 911 Classic Car Build Part 53 Clip Video - This last week I have been in LA machining the engine parts for my car. It has been an eye opening, and great learning experience.

Neil Harvey runs Performance Developments, and he has been building race engines since the 70's. He spent 12 years in Formula 1 building race engines and his engines won 2 world championships. He then went on to work for Andial (the predecessor to Porsche Motorsport in USA), and also TRD. He has a wealth of knowledge that is remarkable, and I cannot recommend his services enough. He is also a really great honest guy, to boot, which is sadly becoming a rarity these days.

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