Mustard Cannon vs. NeverWet Treated Suit - 300 MPH Mustard and ketchup

13 Jan 2019 08:36 448
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Mustard Cannon vs. NeverWet Treated Suit - 300 MPH Mustard and ketchup Clip Video - I will forever be grateful to Dan for allowing me to do this! And surprisingly enough he allows for 3 shots.

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**** About the Video *****
We've had a lot of people request we cut a hydrophobic coating like NeverWet, and we wanted to do it in Crazy Waterjet Channel style. And we couldn't just do water, we needed mustard and ketchup. We also treated cut resistant gloves to make them waterproof and cut proof. But were they mustard cannon proof?

We do more than just cut stuff with water! We build stuff and do crazy stunts.

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