"Royals" - Lorde Cover by Cilla Chan & Nathan Hartono

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"Royals" - Lorde Cover by Cilla Chan & Nathan Hartono Clip Video - Nathan's Stuff:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/nathan-hartono-ep/id575509615
YT: http://www.youtube.com/nathanhartono91
Twitter/Insta: @nathanhartono

Cilla's Stuff:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/come-get-it-voice-performance/id716932641
YT: http://www.youtube.com/cillachan429
Twitter: @CillChan
Insta: @Cilla_Chan

This collab is SO long overdue! Nathan and I met when we were wee little 14 year olds and were finalists in a local competition in Singapore called "Teen Icon". We've been saying we'd do a cover for ages and this is 1 of 2 that we just recorded for all of you! Have tons of respect for him as an artist (and he made me cry in "Next to Normal" for real.) - SINGAPORE REPRESENT!!!

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