1000% Bonus on Freebitco

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1000% Bonus on Freebitco Clip Video - Want to know how to get 1000% bonus on freebitco site. Then watch this video.

You will need 3200 Reward Points to claim 1000% bonus. Just click Rewards tab and then "Free BTC Bonus". After that redeem 3200 points for 1000% bonus. The bonus will be valid for 24 hours and will be applied only on the minimum claim amount. So basically now your minimum claim amount will increase to ten times more than the original.

You can join freebitco site here: http://freebitco.in/?r=2045520
Detailed video of freebitco site: https://youtu.be/btrEjcRjn-c
Video on how to use Bitcoin wallets: https://youtu.be/7bfaaJLG0z8
And finally my official blog to earn Free Bitcoins: http://shareyouropinionswithsiddartha.blogspot.in/2016/05/how-to-get-bitcoins-for-free.html

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