Little Prospector Electric Trimmer for Hops, Buds & Flowers

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Little Prospector Electric Trimmer for Hops, Buds & Flowers Clip Video - Buy the Little Prospector Trimmer online at:
Solid design, smooth working, this machine and design has proven itself time and time again among growers. The industry calls for a trimming machine that is easy to clean, durable, and efficient with out tearing up product. The answer to that call is The Little Prospector Trimmer by GLD. The Same guys that brought you the highly popular Trim Reaper, now bring you the The Little Prospector. When it comes to work this machine can trim buds, flowers, barley, lavender, and more. Just watch The Little Prospector do the work, you can sit back and laugh at how easy it is. Little Prospector Trimmer machine specs
height: 19″
width: 20″
weight: 30 LBS.
Motor: AC: 115V/230V
Plug cord: 110V
Equipped with On/Off switch
Equipped with 14 rubber fingers
Diamond plate steel construction
1800 PLANETARY GEARBOX CNC All Aluminum Sealed Bearing Type Case Harden Gears
CUTTING BLADES Tempered Steel Requires 2 Blade
AGITATING ARMS Type 60 Food Grade Rubber 14 Per Unit
all replacement parts are available at our official online store.

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