Frederick III - German Emperor who could have Stopped the World Wars

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Frederick III - German Emperor who could have Stopped the World Wars Clip Video - German Empire lost more than 2.5 million during the I World War. The empire was abolished and the country was set on the path to the II World War. However, there was a turning point three decades before, which could have averted this path. This is the tragic, but interesting story of Frederick III and how his death possibly changed the course of World history.

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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç, while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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Frank Lorenz Müller - Frederick III - Political Culture of Imperial Germany
Margaret E. Von Poschinger - Life of the Emperor Frederick
A. R. Allinson - The War Diary of the Emperor Frederick III, (1870–1871)

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