The Scourge Of Erdington. Lazy Motorists

20 Jul 2016 03:03 0
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The Scourge Of Erdington. Lazy Motorists Clip Video - If there is something that really 'grinds my gears', it's lazy motorists. Not all motorists are lazy, just a small minority. But it's this minority who make it worse for the 'majority' of law abiding motorists & also members of the general public, by parking illegally. On pedestrian crossings, on the corner of junctions & on double yellow lines. For some reason, these people think they are 'above the law' & when they get a penalty notice for their selfish, inconsiderate & obstructive behaviour, they scream that they are being victimised.
Here's a few images i collected in the space of 1 hour in my local shopping are of Erdington in Birmingham. In less than 1/4 of a mile, i took pictures of 11 vehicles all parked 'illegally'.
Hopefully those 11 drivers will now see their actions & feel embarrassed at appearing on Social Media. Although i wouldn't want to put money on it.

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