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There are more than one artist with the name Shaun:

[1] 1. SHAUN (숀) is a DJ/singer-songwriter and keyboardist of five-member South Korean indie rock band The Koxx that formed in 2009.

[2] 2. Shaun Rogerson was born on the 24th of June 1989. He has been singing from a young age and shot to fame on the television show the X-Factor in 2006. He has been the only ever contestant to be invited back to sing on the live final, and also has been the only non-finalist to be invited to the live tours, even appearing ahead of some of the finalists! He has been on several tours since and even has his own début album, self-titled Shaun, which is available for purchase on his official website. He is currently working on original material and writes an X-Factor blog for the unrealitytv website.

[3] 3. Shaun is a band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have been described to " ambient tunes but tend to throw in some tripcore elements".

[4] 4. Shaun is a Hardrock-band from Berlin, Germany, drawing from both new and old hardrock inspirations.

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